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Destination Wedding Dream

When most brides dream of a perfect, destination wedding, it usually includes warm, powder-white sand beaches, fragrant, tropical flowers and guests dressed in casual, laid-back beach attire. Of course the picture quickly becomes obscured with dollar signs popping up all over that perfect picture. The dream pops, turn the page...right?

Not so fast, what if we were to show you how you could have the beach wedding of your dreams at an affordable price on almost any budget? Let’s break down a destination wedding and figure out how to make it happen.

A wedding consists of five parts: the couple, the guests, a location, decor and food.

First, the couple - the couple will be traveling to their honeymoon location anyway so getting them to the wedding is pretty simple.

Second, the guests - the guests want to get away as much as anyone else. You just need to plan your wedding at a location where they want to go.

Third, a location - a...


A Destination Wedding could actually save you money and stress and who doesn’t want to sit back and enjoy their ceremony and reception, knowing it will all be flawless?

Why Should You Drop Your To-Do-List and Glittery Craft and Get Married in Paris, Care-Free?

Okay, maybe that’s a little dramatic… maybe not Paris! But seriously. What is your favorite place in the world? A place that your childhood self would swoon over getting married at while she played dolls and dreamed of her fairytale wedding? Do her a favor and do it! Drop everything, drop the stress, and do it!

Here are some reasons why.

They Can Literally Be Stress Free

But really, I am not pulling your leg. Whether you’re doing a destination cruise or running away to a resort with your closest loved ones, there are people seriously made for your peace of mind through this… Wedding Planners! Most Wedding Planners will travel for your date. There are even Planners that permanently work at your dream spot.

At some point, you will sip on a milkshake and get massages with...


The right floral arrangements can add a special flare to the décor of your event. Deciding on the right floral arrangements for your big day is one of the main checks off your planning list. The process of choosing the right floral designs can depend on your budget, color scheme or theme, the season, and your unique style.


A budget can seem very confining when your Pinterest board dreams are bigger than your wallet. However, a set budget can help determine which floral pieces you will want to focus your funds on. You will have bouquets, boutonnieres, center pieces, and other floral accent arrangements that you will need to prioritize. If you have a particular arrangement in mind, but it is out of your price range, you should work with your florist to see if there is a more cost effective flower choice that will still achieve your desired look.

Color Scheme/Theme

Most brides will design their floral arrangements to reflect and add to their overall color scheme or theme. This allows your floral pieces to enhance the...


How do you know for sure that the man you are about to marry is “the one”?

Personally, I don’t believe in “the one”. There are simply too many crazy circumstances in this world for that to make any sense. This post is inspired by the wonderful love guru Matthew Hussey, I’ll post his website link below. He’s recently become a new favorite of mine. What Matthew determines as “the one” is finding someone with the qualities we are looking for, who also happens to be at a stage in their life where they are ready to commit to a serious relationship.

We are not trying to find one person in the world, instead we are trying to determine if the person we are with has the potential to be the one we should choose. So, if you’re someone still searching for the one, or if you’re a soon-to-be-bride avoiding cold feet -- find reassurance by asking yourself these five questions to determine if he is the one for you!

#1 Do you want to jump him?

I hope this doesn’t come across too crude, but what separates a friendship from a relationship is sex. Chemistry...


Everyone will have that time soon after getting engaged when someone sees you and says “When’s the big day?!”. Though you might have dreamed of your fairy tale wedding from the time you could read, this will still be one of the biggest decisions to come along with your wedding planning. The date will set the theme, style and most likely the cost of your wedding. Here are a few tips to help you and your future spouse decide what time of year is best for you.

Decide What Season Suits You

One of the easiest ways to decide the season is by pin pointing what season the two of you both feel most comfortable in and usually look forward to all year. Do you love bundling up outside by a bonfire with a cup of hot cocoa? Fall it is. Do you anxiously await building a snowman or snowboarding? It sounds like Winter. Do you love the look of all of the fresh blooms and warmer weather? A spring wedding seems to be in order. Choosing be what you are relaxed and happy with during a regular year, sounds like the exact emotions your wedding day should bring to...


One of the first orders of business that you have to decide when planning your wedding is how many people are you going to invite. How big does your venue need to be? How much food will you have to order? How many chairs and tables will you need? What amount of favors needs to be ordered? Before you can answer any of these questions, you need to decide which people you want to be a part of your special day.

Big and small weddings each have their own pros and cons. To each person, these different pros and cons may hold different weights of importance. When deciding whether or not to make your wedding big or small, here are a few pros and cons to help you choose!


  • Getting to share your special day with more people
  • You don’t have to shave guests from the list
  • More gifts and cards
  • Involve more people in your special day
  • Creates a more lively atmosphere


  • Spending more money in certain areas to accommodate more guests
  • Not getting to spend as much one on one time with your guests and having...

As a wedding planner, one of the most frequent questions I get asked is who should pay for what. Some people think the responsibility falls completely on the bride. Others argue that the bride and groom should pay for a wedding themselves.

With the traditional rules constantly changing, I wanted to help out the modern bride and groom to know who is expected to pay for what!

The old rules lay out that the bride’s family determine the size and style of the wedding and reception and carry the full responsibility of paying. The groom’s family may pitch in to make the wedding bigger, but most of costs come out of the bride’s parent’s pockets. Today, the rules have changed a bit and allow for a more flexible division of costs. Both families can contribute to the total expenses and work together with the bride and groom to pay for the wedding. Ages of couples getting married is rising which allows the brides and grooms to pay for more or all of their wedding. Read the fine print though, these rules only apply for first weddings.

Second weddings and beyond, you are on...


Your ceremony backdrop can be an amazing focal point for your ceremony and can make for some pretty amazing photos. At Hoopes Events, we specialize in making your wedding unforgettable. We have many beautiful backdrops to choose from. Draping and florals add a soft elegant feel. When choosing your ceremony backdrop, take into consideration your surroundings and how much space you have to work with. Match the look and feel of your backdrop to the look and feel that you want for your reception.


“I’ve found my perfect guy, but I still need my girls by my side.” Some of the most frequent questions I am asked as a wedding planner are regarding the wedding line. “How many bridesmaids and groomsmen should I have?” “Should they all wear the same thing?” “How should I ask them to be part of the line?” “Do they need to be part of the receiving line?” The list goes on and on … and for good reason. The people you choose to be a part of your line will be in every wedding day picture. Feelings have the potential of getting hurt as they always do when relationships are involved.

I love this article because it gives six short and sweet tips to consider when choosing your bridesmaids. This little nudge of guidance for brides can get them started in the right direction and help them to choose the people who they want as the bridesmaids by her side. That is easier said than done, because we all have that one cousin who expects to be your maid of honor but really just isn’t that close to you...


1. Sage. Sage. Sage.

Every bride has to decide on her color scheme, and this year we are seeing a minimalist side of brides that we love. This year's big color is Sage. A light green decorated with a light color palette is the trend that so many brides are going for. It also looks good on just about everyone, even your pasty grandmother. This palette demands a lot of greenery to tie in the look. Look out Blush Pink, because Sage Green is able to give you a run for your money.

2. Lights, Hanging, Action.

Whether it’s window frames, edison lights or planter pots, we are loving this year's trend of more hanging things. Not only can we decorate the tables, but the empty space above them. It makes such a difference in really any wedding and the possibilities are endless. We especially love the softness of the hanging edison lights. We are lighting our way through 2017!

3. Embracing Copper, Rose Gold, Pewter, Silver, & Gold.

Everyone and their dog knows that...


I really liked how everything turned out for my wedding except for 1 thing. My invitations. Although I’ve gotten over it, at the time I wasn’t really thrilled about how they looked. In hindsight, I don’t think assigning my husband to invitations was such a great idea. I can laugh about it now. With an invitation, you have some very important information to get out. You also want them to look nice and reflect your wedding style. Most couples would rather spend more of their budget on other wedding items rather than invitations so cost is often an important factor as well. Make sure and start the invitation process early. You need time to create the wording, find a style, and proof them. It is usually better to get your engagement photos printed and then insert them in the invitation. Photos printed on an invitation often don’t look as clear as they would on photo paper. If you are printing a photo on the actual invitation, get a hardcopy proof first. Provide the necessary information, but don’t make them like a novel. A pretty and well worded invitation will get your guests...


Music is crucial to create atmosphere for your reception. No one wants a dead silent reception. Thankfully, you have options when it comes to music. There are advantages and disadvantages to DJs, bands, and solo musicians. There is no right way or wrong way, but determining the kind of reception you are having as well as your budget will help you make the best decision. Always interview potential musicians and DJs. If possible, watch video samples of their work. DJs are generally less expensive than bands. They typically have an extensive playlist and can play any type of music that you want. A great DJ can get the party going. A con of a DJ is that no matter how skilled the DJ is, they won’t have the same effect and wow factor as a band with live instruments. Bands add a lot of excitement to your reception. Live music provides a great atmosphere and a sense of sophistication. Since bands are typically more expensive than DJs, you should factor that in when deciding on your budget. Solo musicians can often be more cost effective than either a band or a DJ. They generally have a...


While some overly-organized brides can get by without a wedding planner for the pre-wedding business, it is still always vital to have one on-site the day of the wedding. Even if the venue offers an event coordinator, it’s important to hire an outside wedding coordinator. These event coordinators are often only there so they can make sure everything runs smoothly for the event center, not necessarily for the bride’s wedding. And when those inevitable hiccups eventually arise, no bride wants to be the one having to handle it.

I believe that no wedding can occur without at least one thing going wrong. That is the nature of the event, with so many moving pieces and unreliable people. Having a wedding coordinator you know you can rely on is imperative so that when an issue comes up, he or she can handle it. That way when a problem does come up, it is solved before the bride even notices a problem happened.

There are a number of different problems that can arise on the wedding day. Sometimes a vendor gets lost, the flowers show up and they are all wrong, or the DJ forgets...


It’s not uncommon for a couple to say: “We’re having our wedding outside during the summer in Utah so the weather should be perfect, right?” We’ve heard the same thing being said for Quinceaneras, corporate events, birthday parties or any other type of an event. Utah is a mountainous state and it’s likely that there could be a sudden rain storm, extreme wind, etc. on your perfectly planned day. Or maybe you are one of the brave people who are having an outdoor ceremony or outdoor photos during the winter in Utah. How do you save your event if a storm comes through?

This is the kind of situation where a wedding planner or event planner can really help. A planner can help you come up with a backup location and ways to make the most of a less-than-ideal situation. Having a backup location already reserved — such as a cultural hall or community center — is a good idea. That way you won’t have to worry about scrambling at the last minute. On a rainy day last summer, Hoopes Events pulled off a beautiful cultural hall reception that was originally supposed to take place in a...


Do you want a wedding ceremony without a specific religious influence? It’s your day and you deserve to have the wedding ceremony that you want. So how do you feel completely comfortable with the ceremony and the officiant? Hoopes Events can recommend denominational, nondenominational and secular wedding officiants. Meeting with your officiant beforehand and discussing what direction you want the ceremony to take is extremely important, and it will help you achieve the best outcome. Get some ideas with this article from The Knot, which provides different scripts you can use as a starting point to discuss your ceremony with your officiant.

Check out The Knot for more inspiration