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Hoopes Events specializes in turning a ho-hum, mediocre or even good venue into an amazing, magical space which people will rave about long after the event is over. Whether it's a cultural hall, corporate break room or warehouse, Hoopes Events' draping can create the wow your guests will remember forever.

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What makes a night-time event memorable? It has to be the lights. An intimate gathering of family and friends doesn't seem quite so intimate if you throw harsh fluorescent lights overhead. On the other hand, take away the fluorescent lights, add some delicate tea lights, a few strands of bistro lights and some perfectly-coordinated uplighting and you have the perfect recipe for a memorable event.

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Custom Design

You've got the theme and vision for your event, but you don't know where to start to make the vision reality. Hoopes Events has years of experience taking your vision and turning it into a reality. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a simple custom backdrop or an ornate Western Town facade, Hoopes Events has the experience and skill to turn vision into reality.

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Tablescapes transform a meal into a feast. Delicately-scented roses and subdued tea lights turn a buffet into a five-star meal.

Hoopes Events specializes in creating truly stunning table settings. Bring your visiion to us and see the reality we create for you.

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Cultural Weddings

If your wedding celebration involves unique or interesting cultures, you need a Wedding Planner/Coordinator who understands and respects your culture. Hindu wedding? Does the cake have eggs? Jewish wedding? How do you make the Chuppah? When do you break the glass?

Hoopes Events understands and respects all cultures and works hard to make certain those important cultural details aren't missed in your wedding. We've planned, coordinated, decorated weddings from many part of the world including, Southeast Asia, India and Latin America. Do you come from a culture we haven't learned about yet? If so, Hoopes Events would love to get to know you and your culture better.

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Ceremony Settings

The pinnacle of any wedding is the ceremony and the ceremony is what most people remember about the wedding. Hoopes Events custom-creates each ceremony area from backdrops to seating to decor.

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People don't usually travel to Rome to take a picture of themselves beside a plain white wall nor do they go to a wedding or party and snap a selfie in front of a curtain. The right backdrop for the right event turns an ordinary space into something oustanding. Hoopes Events has created literally hundreds of backdrops for hundreds of events.

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