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Holiday Parties/Events

What would a holiday be without a party? What are the holidays without a lot of extra activities? Let Hoopes Events plan and execute your holiday party so you can enjoy the much-needed time off with your family, friends and guests.

Hoopes Events has the experience you're looking for. Hoopes Events has planned, decorated and executed many, many holiday parties including three years for The Local Pages and two years for Arvo. Call us and book your holiday party today so you can really enjoy some downtime during the holidays this year.

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Birthdays, Baby and Bridal Showers

We love celebrating the special moments in our lives: the birth of a child, the day we mark the start of a new year of life and when we make choices to spend our lives with someone. Professional Planners specialize not only in weddings, but all those moments in our lives which shape who we are. Let Hoopes Events show you how to create the best celebration ever.

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Family Reunions

With Hoopes Events planning services, we can help you find the perfect location either near or far for bringing you extended family back together. Don't let time and distance keep you apart from your family and loved ones.

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Three things make a perfect wedding, party or event: people, food and decor. Hoopes Events has literally created hundreds of unique looks at hundreds of venues for just about any event you can imaged. Let us custom-design the perfect look for your next event!