10 Must-Have 2017 Trends

1. Sage. Sage. Sage.

Every bride has to decide on her color scheme, and this year we are seeing a minimalist side of brides that we love. This year's big color is Sage. A light green decorated with a light color palette is the trend that so many brides are going for. It also looks good on just about everyone, even your pasty grandmother. This palette demands a lot of greenery to tie in the look. Look out Blush Pink, because Sage Green is able to give you a run for your money.

2. Lights, Hanging, Action.

Whether it’s window frames, edison lights or planter pots, we are loving this year's trend of more hanging things. Not only can we decorate the tables, but the empty space above them. It makes such a difference in really any wedding and the possibilities are endless. We especially love the softness of the hanging edison lights. We are lighting our way through 2017!

3. Embracing Copper, Rose Gold, Pewter, Silver, & Gold.

Everyone and their dog knows that you never mix metals. Up to this point it’s been seen as tacky. Well away with the old and in with the new. Decorators are creating stunning gold and rose gold table pieces to tempt the eager and trendy new brides. We are done living in the past, these collaborations are stunning and we are welcoming the change.

4. Surprise settings.

Today’s couples want a wedding that will blow their guests away, and one of the key elements to an unforgettable event is the choice of place settings. We are seeing mixing of colored cups, paired with beautiful and different types of china's. We love the eclectic feel it gives to these weddings! It’s sure to be a showstopper at any wedding feast.

5. Your Cake Rocks.

That’s right, trending this year are cakes made to look like geodes. It is surely a wedding your friends will never forget. Cake bakers use rock candy to create the beautiful inside of a geode right on the front of your 3-tiered cake. There’s nothing bakers can’t do these days!

6. Flowers and Stems:

These year is full a bright and vivacious flowers. With brides wanting big and full flowers we are gonna see lots of peonies as well as her sister flower the garden rose. It’s becoming more than just having that perfect center piece, florists are doing bigger and droopier than ever before. We love the romantic and fun feel that it adds to weddings. Let it bloom!

7. Geometrics:

In all the wildest back to the future movies we never believed we would be placing 3-D hexagons on tables for wedding decor. Marty McFly couldn’t have done it better himself. We LOVE these funky shapes as they add such a different element to the table. Not only can they be trendy and industrial, but we have seen them in elegant styles as well as whimsical eclectic weddings.

8. Embracing the Local Culture:

Brides are starting to realize that people are coming to a new location and are wanting to be wowed! For example, in Utah, many brides go for the outdoors as their back drop, giving favors like local honeys and mason jars to go with the overall theme. We love this authentic and intimate piece that brides are incorporating into their special day.

9. Trendy Locale:

Yes, we have seen many weddings done in barns, the rustic look will always be one we hold dear to our hearts. But this year our brides are taking it one step further, and becoming even more creative, doing receptions in old warehouses, raised parking structures and even at local clubs. The theme; Industrial.

10. Destination Elopements:

We love that this is a trend. So many of our brides come to us, because they are stressed out about planning their huge dream wedding. Trending this year is a destination elopement. Why take on the extra stress that may or may not take off a couple years of your life. Remember the time you were whisked away to Santorini Greece with 8 of your closest friends to marry the man of your dreams? We have no objection to that!