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4 Things to Know Before Meeting with Florists

Meeting with prospective florists is an exciting step in planning your wedding decor. Before you set up a meeting with a florist, here are four things to know:

1. Know Your Vision and Budget: Before meeting with a florist, have a clear vision of the floral aesthetic you want for your wedding. Browse through magazines, Pinterest, or Instagram for inspiration and create a mood board or list of specific flowers, colors, and styles you like. Additionally, have a realistic budget in mind for your floral arrangements. Knowing your budget upfront will help your florist suggest options that fit within your budget.

2. Venue Details: Provide your florist with detailed information about your wedding venue, including its layout, setup timeframes, and any restrictions or guidelines related to floral decorations. Share photos or floor plans if possible, so your florist can better understand the space and make appropriate recommendations for floral arrangements.

3. Other Décor Elements: Consider how your floral arrangements will integrate with other décor elements of your wedding, such as table linens, lighting, and overall theme. Bring samples or photos of other décor items to your meeting with the florist to ensure a cohesive look and discuss how flowers can enhance the overall aesthetic of your wedding..

4. Flexibility and Trust: While it's important to have a vision for your wedding flowers, be open to suggestions and ideas from your florist. Certain flowers may be more expensive or difficult to obtain depending on the time of year. Trust your florist's expertise to suggest seasonal blooms that match your vision while staying within your budget.

Florists are creative professionals with expertise in floral design, and they may offer alternative options or design concepts that you hadn't considered. Trust their expertise and be flexible in adapting your vision based on their recommendations and insights.

By being prepared with these key points before meeting with any potential florists, will allow you to be able to have a productive discussion and receive an accurate cost proposal following the consultation.

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