Creating a Stunning Tablescape

Invest in your guest tables. To get right into it, the table is one of the only places where your guests will be up close and personal with your florals and decor. It’s the place where guests are not only sitting and looking for a while but also where they’ll be exploring the event through their sense of touch. This experience should add to their impression of the event and give them pause to think about the beauty of the day.

Creating a wedding tablescape involves a combination of decor, design, and personalization to complement the theme of the wedding. There are so many different ways to create and think about the design of this aspect of the wedding.

Prerequisites for creating a tablescape: a theme/style and color palette must already be chosen. These tables should exude the chosen style and give guests an aesthetic to admire. If the wedding theme is highly colorful, think about choosing some neutral bases and then adding the pops of color in various places.

First things first, start with table choice and linens. Does the venue provide tables or will tables be rented? Will they be round or banquet style? Wooden or folding? The answers to these questions will help in making the first major decision about linens. This is where patterns and fabric styles come into play. Remember, this is something your guests will be touching. What story do you want the texture to tell the guests? This is the foundation of the tablescape so be sure it’s perfect before continuing the design process.

The next step will be to then think about the desired centerpiece. Items to consider for this are lanterns, vases, floral risers, candles, etc. Think about variety and height while diving into this part of the design. This will be the focal point of each table and it should provide visual stimulation while simultaneously not impeding your guests eye level so they can see other guests across the table.

After deciding on the general centerpiece, choose the floral style. What colors will be used? What percentage of the florals will be greenery? Will the style be formal and monochrome? Will it be whimsical and colorful? This is where the flower accents bring in all parts of the colors incorporated into the wedding theme.

At this point, it’s time to choose tableware and glassware. My recommendation is as always, build from the bottom up. Start with a decision about a charger or place mat. Make sure it fits well with the linen base and then go from there. Pick out complementary china that adds a bit of variety and texture to the area. Add glassware next and finish this portion of the design by choosing some matching flatware. Don’t hesitate to be bold. This is a great opportunity to experiment in a rental company showroom and put some designs together. Seeing the items in person will show how matte or shiny the china is along with all of the textures of the chosen pieces.

Once tableware has been chosen, think about napkin choice and personalization as well. Escort cards, menus, and favors come into play here. These smaller elements will help to explain the story of your event. The table should feel full but not crowded. Having too many small details can make the eyes go a bit crazy but too simple of a design will make the table feel empty. Using a specific napkin fold and style along with these personal elements can make or break your design. Make decisions wisely.

There are a few final notes to consider. When creating your tablescape, think about the lighting in the room. If it’s low and romantic, consider adding significant candle elements to the centerpieces. If there will be lighting overhead, think about how it’ll reflect on the tableware. Use layers and textures to explain the wedding theme. The elements of wood, glass, fabric, and metal create visual interest and tactile appeal. As a final note, don’t be afraid to move things around to create balance both in the individual place setting and on the table as a whole. Each element should be proportionately placed and positioned to create a well-balanced and harmonious place setting. If you have an opportunity to do a mockup of the tablescape, be sure to take a photo so vendors such as the wedding coordinator and catering staff can ensure that the tablescape will be executed as precisely as possible.

By following these guidelines the tablescape will absolutely wow guests and help them literally feel the effort and love that went into creating this amazing experience to celebrate love. The ambiance of the wedding will be taken to the next level and the photographs of the details in the space will prove it.

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