How To Decide What Time of Year To Get Married

Everyone will have that time soon after getting engaged when someone sees you and says “When’s the big day?!”. Though you might have dreamed of your fairy tale wedding from the time you could read, this will still be one of the biggest decisions to come along with your wedding planning. The date will set the theme, style and most likely the cost of your wedding. Here are a few tips to help you and your future spouse decide what time of year is best for you.

Decide What Season Suits You

One of the easiest ways to decide the season is by pin pointing what season the two of you both feel most comfortable in and usually look forward to all year. Do you love bundling up outside by a bonfire with a cup of hot cocoa? Fall it is. Do you anxiously await building a snowman or snowboarding? It sounds like Winter. Do you love the look of all of the fresh blooms and warmer weather? A spring wedding seems to be in order. Choosing be what you are relaxed and happy with during a regular year, sounds like the exact emotions your wedding day should bring to mind.

Choose A Holiday

Is there a holiday you obsess over? Do you want to have a unique wedding that sets you apart? Consider choosing a holiday for your wedding date. A fourth of July wedding ending with fireworks could be magical. Choosing to celebrate your marriage on New Years Eve and ringing in the New Year with all of your loved ones might be a dream. There are even holidays (ex: Labor Day or Memorial Day) that provide your friends and family with three-day-weekends that really could tend to the far out travelers for your big day. While this might not be everyone’s style, a holiday wedding could really help you say “I do” in a different and unforgettable way.

Check The Wedding Party’s Schedule

Another factor that might lean you in one direction over another with your date is if multiple members of the bridal party wouldn’t be available for attendance. Yes, you ultimately want it to be what’s best for you and what you’ve always imagined, but it’s always good to have a list of dates to veer away from that would interfere with the schedules of a bridesmaid or groomsmen that you it just wouldn’t be your special day without.

What Is Ideal For Your Budget

With ‘Wedding Season’ typically being June-October, these months will end up being more competitive and most likely more expensive. Choosing an “off season” wedding could end up saving you money in the long run. If you have a lower budget and are trying to watch it very closely, this could be the biggest deciding factor when deciding a wedding date.

Choose What Works For You

Whenever the date ends up, remember that it is your day. Yeah you want your wedding to be the talk of the town or the reception everyone remembers and tells people about, but your loved ones will enjoy celebrating your commitment no matter when it is.