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Interview with Alessandra Wortmann of Carrie's Cakes

Tell me about your business?

Carrie’s cake has been in business for over 30 years. I worked for Carrie for almost 8 years before becoming the owner in 2018. Carrie trained me which allows me to continue to provide the same quality of cakes. We specialize in fondant and buttercream techniques; pretty much anything that has to do with cakes. It is important to me that cakes taste just as good as they look. Because of that, I am always trying new flavors and keeping up with current trends.

Tell me a little about yourself?

I am originally from Brazil, but I have been here for 21 years. I love baking and spending time in the kitchen with my kids. I have 2 kids at home. My husband and my kids love when I am baking cakes as the entire place is filled with delicious smells. The business runs out of a commercial kitchen which is located in a separate part of my house. This is nice because it allows me to be home with my kids and also be a business owner doing what I love.

What should a client look for when ordering their cake?

I think one of the first things is to have an idea of the design/style. Closely following that would be to have a target budget.

There are so many different combinations of styles and flavors. As a cake designer I am happy to help guide the customer. Some cakes taste great but don’t have the structure for a stacked wedding cake. A great example would be a Tres Leches cake. A real Tres Leches cake will not stack very well. In those cases, we recommend having a kitchen cake and a separate display cake.

Having a budget in mind also helps us to showcase what we can do to bring their vision to reality. The design greatly affects the price. Sugar flowers and intricate details will increase the cost. My past customers have appreciated my ability to provide them a ballpark quote prior to meeting in person.

How should a client go about choosing their flavors?

The best way would be to do a tasting. Come in for a tasting or if you can’t, schedule a time to stop by and get a box of samples to go. Our website lists tons of flavors we have done in the past, but we are not limited to those. I love to bake, and trying new flavors is always fun. It is also important to have your guests in mind when picking a cake flavor. It is quite usual to have different flavors for each tier of your cake. That way you can have your most favorite flavor and also a popular flavor for guests.

How should a client go about choosing the look of their cake?

We have lots of pictures on our website and our Instagram for inspiration. If you are unsure, we are happy to talk about options during our consultation. The overall look of your wedding can help determine the design of the cake. Even the wedding dress can be used as an inspiration. We can keep the cake very classic, which might include intricate piping or lace work or sugar flowers. We can do more of an organic look with buttercream and naked cakes. Modern designs would include more shapes and lines.

What have been some of your favorite cakes to make and why?

I love anything that has to do with cake. Buttercream cakes are always fun and are very in style right now. I also loved making a stained-glass wedding cake last year. It was a technique I have always wanted to do. However, when I am really craving cake, I always go back to my Brazilian passion fruit truffle cake. It is a perfect combination of tart and sweet.

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