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Interview with DJ Cam Reeve

Tell me a little about yourself?

DJ Cam's Story

Cam Reeve was born and raised in Logan, UT. Cam attended Logan High School and could often be found at local events throughout Logan like the Logan Country Swing Nights. It was there, while he was dancing and having a good time with friends, that his interest in music and DJing were piqued.

“I quickly found out that I was good at recognizing different styles of music, and when we would hang out as a group of friends I would be placed in charge of the music for our random dance parties.”

Down the road, Cam found himself as the DJ for a friend's party, and it was there that he fell in love with the idea of being a DJ for a living. After High School, Cam spent his college savings on a car and a DJ setup. He spent all of his free time finding parties to DJ at and attending any dance or event that had either music or a DJ.

“For about a year I attended Country Night on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and then Latin Nights on Tuesday. I would fill my Saturdays attending events that DJs were at.”

While attending one of these Country Nights, Cam met his now-wife Laura and they began dating in 2012. In late 2013 Cam started his company Reeverb Entertainment, and he and Laura were married a few months later. Cam ended up attending Utah State University to be a diesel Ag mechanic before moving to Bridgerland Community College for robotics engineering. Around halfway through his time at Bridgerland, while also DJing on the weekends, Cam realized that full-time DJing was calling his name. Pursuing full-time DJing seemed daunting, however, so after interviewing and receiving job offers at a few locations, Cam accepted a new position at a manufacturing company.

“After accepting the job I didn’t sleep for a week or two. I saw that my true passion lay in DJing. I ultimately called them and told them I was no longer going to take the job about three days before I was supposed to start.”

While Reeverb Entertainment LLC started in 2013, Cam was only able to operate the company part-time initially. In 2017, he started DJing full-time, purchasing a van to haul all of his gear. Since then, Cam has done much to improve and perfect his craft. He attended the Mobile Beat National DJ Conference, returning more motivated than ever before. He also spent time with Upstage, where he learned more about audio/visual production work. During the pandemic, when events were nonexistent, he spent his time DJing from home and posting videos on the internet. He learned to mix and built his brand to where it stands today. With the extra time, Cam honed his craft and continued to improve despite not being able to do in-person events in 2020.

While Cameron started as a country music DJ, he hardly djs Country stuff anymore. His focus now is more on High- Energy top 40, remixes and mashups, and house music.

"My go-to music is Re-drums and Mashups mixed in with Originals’. These consist of the newest beats mixed in with older music. I love challenging the status quo and taking the audience on a journey with all Genres."

Cam has worked with multiple large companies including SpaceX, Ifit, FanX, AMEX, Lgcy Power, and, including many private events for exclusive clientele requiring privacy.

"With continued experience, and by working with large companies, I have built up some hype around the name of DJ Cam. I have found that marketing my experience and personality is the best way to get people to trust me. If you are looking for a friendly but edgy DJ in Park City, UT, I am your guy."

Tell us about your company?

Right now I am focused on quality over quantity. When it comes to weddings, I do around 30 a year. I don’t claim to be the best at everything, but I can promise to give your event my full attention. My company, Reeverb Entertainment, specializes in providing audio/visual services for events up to a thousand people. One of our niches is providing gear for out-of-state DJ’s that fly into town. This gives me the opportunity to shadow some of the best DJ’s in the country. I have taken what I’ve learned from shadowing these incredible DJ’s and implemented processes and performance.

What should a client look for when booking a DJ?

I love this question because I am not biased at all. (Sarcasm)

I have actually written a Blog about this exact thing talking about finding an Affordable DJ because I get asked this often by potential clients.

Skip down to the section ‘Tips For Finding a Truly Affordable Utah DJ’. It will share a really detailed list of what I believe potential clients should look for when hiring a DJ.

If I had to pick two things from my list it would be:

When you make contact with them, take note of how they communicate. What is their response time like? Do they send you an actual quote or contract or just a text with some numbers? Are you talking directly with the DJ you are working with from the start?

Social Media is king – make sure to check out their accounts and see if the photos they post and music they play speak to you.

For a DJ, what are the most important pieces of information you need from your client?

The wedding planner is usually the one that handles most of the logistical items of the weddings. So for me, the music Is everything. Did you know 60,000 new songs are uploaded to spotify a day? In my opinion, how are DJ’s supposed to pick 30 songs for your dance floor when we all come from different walks of life and have different stories we want to tell on our dance floors? This is why connecting with my clients and receiving ‘Dance Ideas’ and ‘Must plays' is so Important. I’ve created a process that Includes a Music Guide to help my clients translate the music vision they have onto my turntables to create that dance floor of their dreams.

I think the second most important piece of information I need from my clients is are they dancers? Are they going to be the first and the last ones on the dance floor? Because I want to work with couples who are ready to dance their asses off and know that when the opportunity arises, their family and friends will be on that dance floor.

Do you prefer to work with or without a wedding planner? And why?

Everything is about processes for me. People without processes or communication no matter the industry are the same. So I do love working with planners if they allow for the couples and their vendors to continue their creative process and the planners themselves have a process and allow for communication. I create my best dance floors when I can focus on what I do best and connect with my couples on a few zoom calls and get to know them and their music tastes. The best wedding planners allow me to do that. I take pride in working with some of the best planners in the country because they create so much value for me and their clients. But like anyone in any business that relationship must mesh well with you and your vendors.

What is the one piece of advice you have for every couple?

There will be three types of people at your wedding.

The Dancers - People that are the first and the last on the dance floor because that is who they are. No matter the dance floor, they will be right there next to you.

The Skeptics - People that are willing to jump on a dance floor but it will take a good friend or the perfect song to get them on the dance floor.

The Toe Tappers - Now these are people that will not get on the dance floor but they will smile, sing along, and are toe tapping as they do their people watching.

It is okay for the Toe Tappers not to jump on the dance floor. People can still have a good time without physically dancing the whole time. Don’t feel like you have to force it. You as a couple truly set the tone of your dance floor if you are having a good time 9 out of 10 times so will everyone else. So let your dj do what they do best, give tons of music suggestions, a few ‘must plays’ and let them make the floor unique and fun with remixes and mashups. If they can get the toe tappers to have a good time everything else will follow. When choosing music with your DJ choose music that speaks to you and your guests.

If you want music that only speaks to the two of you that's cool but talk to your wedding planner about maybe adding an afterparty. These give you the chance to really limit the music to what you want and at the right event space it’s not that hard to make it happen.

DJ Cam Reeve
DJ Cam Reeve
DJ Cam Reeve