Interview 4/6/2020 - DJ Cooper Brown

Interview with DJ Cooper Brown of One Above Entertainment

Today we are starting a new Blog Series where we will be interviewing some of our favorite vendors. Through the interview we will not only introduce you to these wonderful vendors but they will give you some of their tips.

We start today with an interview with DJ Cooper Brown, the owner of One Above Entertainment. You can find him on instagram @OneAboveEntertainment or at

Cooper grew up in California where at a young age he loved watching Ryan Seacrest and wanted to be like him. At the age of 13, he got a unicycle and started riding at parties while juggling and making balloon animals. He discovered he loved being in front of people and loved entertaining others. In 2009 he started his DJ & MC business, One Above Entertainment, and his DJ career took off. In his free time he loves to play volleyball and go on runs with his wife while jamming out to tunes in his headphones.

We asked Cooper the Following Questions:

Tell us about One Above Entertainment- One Above Entertainment is a company focused on working with event planners and couples who are looking to take the entertainment at their wedding or event to the next level. When meeting with clients, I always find out in detail what their dream wedding looks like which allows me to execute the entertainment of the event in a way that is sure to exceed their expectations. I put in a lot of time and effort in the weeks leading up to each wedding to ensure the experience is super fun and unique. Cooper is a professional DJ and also trained as an MC (Master of Ceremonies.) I make sure that everything from the grand entrance, first dance, cake cutting and beyond are smooth and are accompanied by the right emotion and excitement in the room. When consulting with a client, I make sure I am 100% confident I can rock their event and meet their unique needs before moving forward in the booking process. While we specialize in weddings and also do social and corporate events.

What should a client look for when booking a DJ? First and foremost, someone they can 110% trust to put on the best celebration of their life. Someone who can create the party atmosphere they are looking for, sets and maintains the right vibe, and someone who creates special moments that their guests will remember forever. Keep in mind that when it comes to the cost of a DJ it’s important to know if your DJ is simply the type who plays music or someone who works with you from day one to create, organize, and execute on every single detail. The latter DJ will create an entirely different experience than a DJ who simply plays music so be sure you know what you’re getting before signing a contract. As you can probably tell, I am definitely the latter DJ & MC who puts hours of focused preparation into each event which results in a completely elevated experience.

You should also choose someone you get along with, your DJ should be acting as the Master of Ceremonies, and their personality and charter should match what you are looking for. They should represent YOU well in front of all your family and friends. I have had guests at weddings come up to me and say “how do you know so and so?” They are shocked when they find out we met when they hired me. This happens because of the time I take to get to know my couples and the personalized way in which I MC. It’s important to make sure your DJ truly cares about you and will take the time to get to you know you, your interests, and the details of your dream wedding.

For a DJ what are the most important pieces of information you need throughout the night?

1 - What music our client’s love – the “must play songs” that you and your friends love

2 - What Music they don’t like – The “do not play list”

3 - When it comes to your first dance and other special dances - Do you want to play the entire song (3-4 minutes) or find a place in the song to end early leaving your guests at an emotional high without losing their attention? (Plus not making it too long and awkward for you)

4 - What type of atmosphere, emotions or vibe do you want your wedding/event to have? This way I can set the tone with the music and the way I direct the evening as the MC.

Do you prefer to work with or without a wedding planner? And Why? I absolutely prefer to work with a wedding planner! The experience that happens when there is a good planner far surpasses that of a wedding where there is not. When there is not a wedding planner I end up being the one starting the ceremony, the speeches, looking for the cake knife and many other items that get missed or forgotten when a planner is not present. These things pull me away from focusing on the entertainment experience. When a planner is present I can focus on what I do best to make sure I create an experience that is far above average.

What is the one piece of advice you have for every couple? Surround yourself with the team you trust!!!

Your wedding vendor team allows you to sit back and relax. When you work with a good team you will enjoy every moment – It will often come with a higher cost but the payoff is worth 10x more.

A note from Hoopes Events:

Hoopes Events loves working with Cooper. He has truly rocked every wedding we have done with him. He also has 140+ reviews, all of which are five-stars, so you can definitely trust him with the most important day of your life. He will pack the dance floor and create a phenomenal celebration. The money you spend on a good DJ and MC will create an event your guests will remember for years to come.

As a side note to our interview Cooper also provides custom monogram, motion monograms (where you can add dynamic gobo), and full room up lighting, (where he can change the color between each event with the press of a bottom on his remote.)

One Above Entertainment - Cooper Brown

Interview 4/6/2020 - DJ Cooper Brown
Interview 4/6/2020 - DJ Cooper Brown

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