Invitation tips

I really liked how everything turned out for my wedding except for 1 thing. My invitations. Although I’ve gotten over it, at the time I wasn’t really thrilled about how they looked. In hindsight, I don’t think assigning my husband to invitations was such a great idea. I can laugh about it now. With an invitation, you have some very important information to get out. You also want them to look nice and reflect your wedding style. Most couples would rather spend more of their budget on other wedding items rather than invitations so cost is often an important factor as well. Make sure and start the invitation process early. You need time to create the wording, find a style, and proof them. It is usually better to get your engagement photos printed and then insert them in the invitation. Photos printed on an invitation often don’t look as clear as they would on photo paper. If you are printing a photo on the actual invitation, get a hardcopy proof first. Provide the necessary information, but don’t make them like a novel. A pretty and well worded invitation will get your guests excited about your big day.

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