Maid of Honor musts!

“Maid of Honor” can be a tricky title. While some brides are very forthcoming about the responsibilities they hope their bestie will handle, others are too afraid to ask. It is up to the Maid of Honor to be proactive about how to help her over-stressed bride. There are two main parts to every Maid of Honor’s role: The first is to help handle all of those pre-wedding tasks; the second (and possibly most important) is to be an emotional support for the bride.

The first role can include many different aspects, from being the tag-along to vendor meetings and helping the bride make difficult decisions, to keeping track of bridesmaids and making sure they all get their dresses in time for the wedding. It may seem like a fine line between being helpful and being invasive, but all of that can be solved by simply asking. Ask the bride if she’d like assistance or help on any pre-wedding item. If she happily welcomes it, then you know you’re fulfilling your Maid of Honor responsibilities. If she hesitates, give her some space, but let her know you are there and willing to help whenever she needs it.

The emotional support side is the one that is often overlooked. While you may have the urge to party hard at the wedding of the year, being a Maid of Honor comes first. Make sure you are there for the bride throughout the entire day, especially before the ceremony when those pesky nerves are bound to creep up. Keep her mind on what’s important: having fun. Making the bride laugh and creating a fun environment for her and the bridesmaids is Maid of Honor responsibility numero uno. The rest is important, but this emotional support is what she will remember for years to come.

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