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Post-Wedding Tips and Tricks

A wedding day can be overwhelming and honestly, a very long day even if it was the best day ever! It’s so important to take the next few days and reflect on the marriage you get to build and take it easy. Jumping into life as a newlywed may feel a bit strange.

Most likely there have been months (or years) spent planning for the big day and it’s finally over. It’s ok to grieve. I personally cried a bit after my wedding because even though the event was fantastic I had to let go of the event that I had poured so much of my heart and emotion into. It’s normal to feel a bit empty without a big project such as a wedding to stress about and plan in one’s free time. Feel these emotions without judgment. On the opposite end of the spectrum, feelings of ecstasy may arise after having the day over with and it may feel freeing and joyous to be married with nothing else to think about besides a new life together. After taking a few days or a week to honeymoon and be alone, there are a few things to start thinking about.

The first thing on the list (and it really should be thought about right after the wedding day) is bouquet preservation. To preserve your bridal bouquet, hang it upside down so the drying process can begin and be sure to schedule a drop off of the bouquet to a floral preservation company as soon as possible. The masterpiece will typically be available about 2-3 months after the wedding.

The next item on the to-do list should be to think about the wedding dress. If you want to keep it, find a reputable gown preservation company online so your dress can stay pristine for decades. Be sure to follow their instructions to clean it if necessary before having the company work their magic to preserve the dress.

At this point, start looking at the wedding registry and wedding gifts. Start opening all of the boxes and create a cardboard recycling pile. Be sure to write down or keep note in a spreadsheet of the different folks who contributed to the registry, gave cash, threw showers or parties, or helped to financially fund the wedding. Make notes of the items and money received and a separate list of what will be kept and returned. Take care of returns in the following weeks after the wedding before return policies expire.

Thank you notes should be next on your list. Set aside a date night to hand write personalized thank you cards to those who gave gifts and helped to make your big day happen. Sending these within the first two months of your marriage is courteous and shows appreciation for their continuous support. Don’t forget to send thank you notes to your favorite vendors!

There isn’t a huge rush for this but at some point you’ll need to handle legal documentation if there will be a name change. Each government agency has a different timeline for creating new items such as a social security card, passport, or driver’s license. You’ll need to have your signed marriage license to make these changes but be sure to check their websites for additional information.

Finally, be sure to share your photos and videos of your special day with your loved ones when you receive them from the photographer and videographer. Those memories are precious and sharing them with others lets you experience the day with them all over again.

By following these post-wedding tips, the transition from wedding planning to married life can be eased. Most importantly, don’t forget to savor the joy and memories of that special day. Consider journaling to keep the day and its feelings close to your heart to treasure throughout your marriage.

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