Review your venue contract for decor guidelines

When it comes to putting your décor plan together, an important first step is understanding what is already included in your contract with the venue you’ve selected. Each venue should outline the specific items that are available to use during your event and any rules for décor within their space. It is fairly standard for the venue to include at least standard round or rectangle tables, along with chairs (often a folding or banquet style chair). Not all venues will include table linens and napkins, and if they do, it is often a standard polyester linen in white, ivory, or black. Most venues will also have guidelines for the décor you can use within their space. For example, they may not allow real candles at all or they may just require all flames be fully encased. You may find that your venue will not allow glitter or confetti, things nailed or affixed to the walls, flower petals or rice thrown during the ceremony, or they may require their staff to do overhead hanging of decorations at an additional fee.

Once you’ve reviewed your venue contract you can now outline the additional items you may need or want to outsource. If you plan to use the items the venue provides, this can help to determine how your centerpieces will coordinate with the venues linens, the style of centerpiece that works best with the table style provided. If you think additional lighting is necessary, what kind of signage and easels you’ll need, etc. Depending on your budget you may want to rent different linens, chairs, or napkins in order to complete your overall décor look. You’ll want to check with your venue to determine if you need to outsource these items yourself or through them. If you're using a professional decorator, they will work through all these details with the venue for you (which is one of the many pros to using a professional decorator). You’re now ready to start searching for the various décor items you may need. Reach out to us at Hoopes Events to speak with one of our amazing decorators and learn how we can help!

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