Should I have a DJ, band, or solo musician for my reception?

Music is crucial to create atmosphere for your reception. No one wants a dead silent reception. Thankfully, you have options when it comes to music. There are advantages and disadvantages to DJs, bands, and solo musicians. There is no right way or wrong way, but determining the kind of reception you are having as well as your budget will help you make the best decision. Always interview potential musicians and DJs. If possible, watch video samples of their work. DJs are generally less expensive than bands. They typically have an extensive playlist and can play any type of music that you want. A great DJ can get the party going. A con of a DJ is that no matter how skilled the DJ is, they won’t have the same effect and wow factor as a band with live instruments. Bands add a lot of excitement to your reception. Live music provides a great atmosphere and a sense of sophistication. Since bands are typically more expensive than DJs, you should factor that in when deciding on your budget. Solo musicians can often be more cost effective than either a band or a DJ. They generally have a broad repertoire and add an entertaining element to your reception. Types of solo musicians vary. They can be a piano player, guitar player, etc. Many solo musicians sing as well as play several instruments. A con is that a solo musician is typically not the best thing for getting a ton of crowd excitement and dancing. They are better for receptions where a party atmosphere is not the focus.

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