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Unique and Unusual Wedding Party Gifts

How do you find a gift to give your mother and the friend of your hubby-to-be on the same day? That guy who keeps forgetting your name and instead calls you “blue eyes” is somehow getting the same present as the woman who raised you?

And yet, finding something that works for everyone is the dream. There is so exhaustingly much to think about for a wedding, and adding yet another aspect, getting specific gifts for everyone, is so hard. The goal is finding a beautiful, special gift that doesn’t have to be particularly “male” or “female,” “old” or “young.”

But we are in the days of internet searches, and anything is possible!!!

Are you ready!?

You can communicate something truly special, whimsical, and personal. At the end, it’s up to you what kind of memory you’d like to gift each person who helped make this day the most important day of your life so far.

Unique and Unusual Wedding Party Gifts | Hoopes Events | Wedding Wisdom

Swank Personalized Wine Box and Tool Kit

Homewetbar.com: Let’s start with wine. After all, it definitely crosses gender lines, it’s beautifully stored, doesn’t have to be used at once, and is an established cultural “thank you.” Wine represents celebration, good times ahead, and at the very least, it’s beautiful in this little black box with shiny lining. Because this is a 14” long box, it can be personalized with up to three lines of text, meaning you can share a religious verse, a favorite poetry line, or a very specific message to each member of the party. This set includes four wine tools that many don’t have--a bottle stopper, corkscrew, foil cutter and aerator. To make it more individual, you can use different bottles of wine to the taste of each person!

Unique and Unusual Wedding Party Gifts | Hoopes Events | Wedding Wisdom

Put the “Party” in “Wedding Party!” Personalized BBQ Grill Tool Set

GroomsmenGiftIdeas.com: If you haven’t had a good grill-out with friends and family, you haven’t lived! And this grill set, uniquely personalized for each member of your wedding party, says just that. It’s a classy way to share this important memory, emblazoned with the family name and year of your wedding on every solid wood piece (from the box to the handle of each tool). The set is complete with three 13” tools, including a grilling spatula, tongs and meat fork.

This gift has the unique distinction of neither being too masculine or feminine, as everyone loves a barbecue! At every family party or group gathering, your friends and relatives will have a beautiful gift to remember your special day. Designed to last, the tools include everything you need for a good barbecue for years to come, and a handy box for storage.

Unique and Unusual Wedding Party Gifts | Hoopes Events | Wedding Wisdom

Yum, Yum! Charcuterie or Cocktail Board

Etsy.com: More than just a cutting board, these dark wood, individualized charcuterie boards are so beautiful, and appeal to everyone who uses a kitchen!! Unique because it is hard to find quite a well-made and universal gift, as well as the fact that it can be ordered in one place, but tailored to the individual. These range in price from $42.00 for the smallest of the boards to $118.00 for the full gift set.

Shown here is the charcuterie board with two different types of engravings (black and white), but there is also an option for a smaller cocktail board. These are made of architectural bamboo and homemade board butter. It’s an elegant and special gift, and to add something even more to this and the personalization, you can also throw in a quality knife! Again, it can involve some more engraving if desired, since there is a lot of space on the board.

Your guests will remember you every time there’s a party, and of course pull it out every anniversary to enjoy food with their family and friends.

Unique and Unusual Wedding Party Gifts | Hoopes Events | Wedding Wisdom

For the Trip Home. . . Personalized Duffle Bag

Wdrake.com: It’s often said, “How do I give the wedding party a gift that they’ll actually use?” Well, here’s one. This beautiful duffle is practical for travel, for the gym, or just running errands. At 18 ½” long x 12” high, it works as a carry-on bag and is still big enough to get a weekend’s worth of stuff inside!

The bag works for everyone, from your picky future mother-in-law to your teenage groosmen, so you don’t have to worry about whether you need different gifts for different people. Pockets and straps are made with faux leather, and the bag is a cleanable polyester.

At this very affordable price of $22.99, it is completely possible to get this gift for all members of your wedding party--or even as a favor for all of your guests (especially if your guests are in the double digits). If you get this gift for your wedding party only, a great idea is to add a personalized robe or slippers inside, to make your bag even more useful!