Wedding Coordinator vs Venue Coordinator

Here’s an age old question - what’s the difference between a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator? They both play crucial roles in your wedding day.

The role of a wedding coordinator:

A wedding coordinator is responsible for managing so many different aspects of your wedding. Every single vendor you’ll have at your wedding will be managed via the timeline provided by the wedding coordinator. They act as a liaison between the couple and the many vendors such as the photographer, florist, caterer, musicians. The detailed timeline that they’ve created will help everyone stay on schedule during the day so the couple won’t need to lift a finger.

Wedding coordinators are trained to handle any and all situations that may arise throughout the day. If sauce is spilled on the wedding dress, if a sibling to the groom shows up drunk, if the florist doesn’t have the correct color of florals, etc. your wedding coordinator is there to handle every minute detail and problem solve. The bride and groom’s experience is the wedding coordinator’s number one priority.

The role of a venue coordinator:

A venue coordinator’s primary responsibility is to manage the venue itself. This includes, setup, breakdown, monitoring bathrooms, cleanliness, making sure no damage is done to any part of the venue throughout the course of the event. They oversee all details that include the use of the venue’s amenities and facilities. They work closely with the wedding coordinator to make sure the couple has everything they need and to also assist any vendor needs that come up. The venue coordinator isn’t as tuned in with the couple’s needs on the day of the event because their priority is managing the event space. They’re the main point of contact for any questions about the facilities or venue policies.

Both a wedding coordinator and a venue coordinator are vital to the success of the event. Their combined priorities end up being the bride and groom and the venue itself. This way issues can be solved quickly and professionally. To reiterate, a venue coordinator cannot and will not take on the role of a wedding coordinator so please consider hiring a wedding coordinator. Working with both a venue coordinator and wedding coordinator will ensure a seamless and stress-free wedding day.

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