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Why as a Wedding Planner it is Important we Work with Great DJ's.

Music is an essential part of the wedding as it sets the tone for the event and helps to create a lively and celebratory atmosphere. This is where a great DJ comes into the picture. As a wedding planner I believe, hiring a great DJ is crucial to ensuring that the wedding runs smoothly and is a memorable experience for the couple and their guests. Here are the things I believe make a DJ great.


A great DJ brings professionalism to the table. They are experienced and know how to conduct themselves at weddings. They know how to interact with the guests and create an atmosphere that is fun and engaging. They are always on time, and know how to dress for each particular event. A professional DJ is reliable, they will always have a backup plan in case of any unforeseen circumstance


A great DJ is versatile and can cater to different musical preferences. They know how to read the crowd and play music that will keep everyone on the dance floor. They can play different genres of music, from oldies to contemporary hits, and keep the party going all night long. Living the guests wanting more at the end of the night.


A great DJ has high-quality equipment that ensures the sound is clear and crisp. They use professional-grade sound systems and lighting equipment that can transform any venue into a great party!


A great DJ brings years of experience to the table. They have played at many weddings and know how to create an ambiance that is tailored to the couple's taste. They have the skills to manage the flow of the event, from the first dance to the last song of the night. An experienced DJ can also provide recommendations and suggestions that can enhance the overall experience. A great DJ also knows when to talk and when to stay off the mic. Making sure they are never obnoxious.


A great DJ can customize their services to meet the couple's needs. They can work with the couple to create a playlist that reflects their tastes and preferences. They also will offer customization to special dances, speeches and know when to on the spot customize a song to a special event.

At the end of the day your guests will remember if they had a good time at your wedding - a great DJ is essential to ensuring this happens, making them an asset to any wedding.

At Hoopes Events we love working with great DJs's such as DJ Cam Reeve.


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DJ Cam Reeve