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Why you deserve and need a wedding planner

Not only do you need a wedding planner, you deserve one. As an event planner myself, I know how overwhelmingly, unbelievably stressful planning a wedding can be. You are getting ready to make the biggest commitment of your life and shouldn’t have to worry about whether the florist arrives on time, finding the missing groomsmen or figuring out how to cut a very intense wedding cake. That’s what we are for! We are there to deal with any and every problem that comes up without having you worry or even know about it.

This article I found is perfect because it addresses common thoughts and concerns people usually have about hiring a wedding planner! “I’m on a tight budget” – wedding planners can fit themselves into that and still keep your budget in tact. “I want to plan my own wedding” – we let you do the fun part but step in to do all of the stressful, tedious things that nobody actually wants to do. “I have my own vision for my wedding” – we don’t take that away, we want to bring it to life! It’s true, you need and deserve a wedding planner, and any concern you can think of, there is a reasonable explanation to why that isn’t true.

Wedding planners shouldn’t be thought of as a luxury that only the celebrities can afford for their million dollar wedding. We are here for the every-day brides, for the couple on a budget, for the family that wants an intimate wedding, everyone. We are here to take your vision and make it come to life without having you shoulder that stress on what should be the happiest of days! We are your mediators, your negotiators, your friends, your creative partner, your advocate —we are your wedding planners.

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