Why you need a backup plan for weather when planning an outdoor event

It’s not uncommon for a couple to say: “We’re having our wedding outside during the summer in Utah so the weather should be perfect, right?” We’ve heard the same thing being said for Quinceaneras, corporate events, birthday parties or any other type of an event. Utah is a mountainous state and it’s likely that there could be a sudden rain storm, extreme wind, etc. on your perfectly planned day. Or maybe you are one of the brave people who are having an outdoor ceremony or outdoor photos during the winter in Utah. How do you save your event if a storm comes through?

This is the kind of situation where a wedding planner or event planner can really help. A planner can help you come up with a backup location and ways to make the most of a less-than-ideal situation. Having a backup location already reserved — such as a cultural hall or community center — is a good idea. That way you won’t have to worry about scrambling at the last minute. On a rainy day last summer, Hoopes Events pulled off a beautiful cultural hall reception that was originally supposed to take place in a backyard. In some cases, a tent could be rented so that your guests can have some protection against the outside elements. Canopies could be used for vendors and rain ponchos can be given to guests. If the storm also includes lightning and/or severe wind, tents and canopies might not be enough protection. You do need to keep in mind that rain and electricity don’t mix so you might not be able to have music, sound or lighting if you decide to go ahead with your outdoor festivities in the rain.

Rain and snow photos can be beautiful, but wet, so bring your umbrella and coat so you don’t get wet while the photographer is setting up the shot. You might want to consider wearing boots if taking photos in rain or snow. Always check the weather the week before your event so that there will be enough time to come up with possible solutions.