Why you need a wedding planner on-site

While some overly-organized brides can get by without a wedding planner for the pre-wedding business, it is still always vital to have one on-site the day of the wedding. Even if the venue offers an event coordinator, it’s important to hire an outside wedding coordinator. These event coordinators are often only there so they can make sure everything runs smoothly for the event center, not necessarily for the bride’s wedding. And when those inevitable hiccups eventually arise, no bride wants to be the one having to handle it.

I believe that no wedding can occur without at least one thing going wrong. That is the nature of the event, with so many moving pieces and unreliable people. Having a wedding coordinator you know you can rely on is imperative so that when an issue comes up, he or she can handle it. That way when a problem does come up, it is solved before the bride even notices a problem happened.

There are a number of different problems that can arise on the wedding day. Sometimes a vendor gets lost, the flowers show up and they are all wrong, or the DJ forgets what song should be played for the first dance. The wedding coordinator is there to call every vendor (even if they are only 2 minutes late), fix the flowers before the bride even sees them and double check all song choices with the DJ before he or she plays it over the loud speakers. Without this trouble-shooter on-site, it falls on the shoulders of the bride or the bride’s family to solve. Even if you don’t think a wedding planner is necessary, a wedding coordinator on-site is always a must.

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