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Why You Should Hire a Great Wedding Planner When Having a Destination Wedding:

There are so many spectacular wedding locations to host your wedding around the world. Be it Stunning Lake Como, Italy, the beautiful mountains of Park City, Utah, a castle in Ireland and so many more.

When hosting a destination wedding one of your best investments is a great International Wedding Planner. Below are some reasons an international wedding planner is priceless:

Budget Management: Everyone has a budget be it $150,000 or $5 Million. A great wedding planning team will be able to assist you in determining what your budget number needs to look like for the location and type of wedding you are looking for. They can be realistic with you, that you probably cannot do a wedding for 150 guests at a Villa in Lake Como on $150,000. They can also guide you when making decisions that will help you to stay within your budget.

Wedding Logistics: Planning a destination wedding involves many logistics, including finding the right venue, hotels for your guests, transportation, and vendors. Depending on the location, logistics will also include legal requirements, cultural norms, language barriers and custom regulations. A planner that can assist you in navigating these areas will save you a lot of time and headache.

Vendor Connections: Many international planners have vendor partnerships and networks all over the world. They will help you select the best vendors within your budget for your location. A great planner knows when to use a local vendor and when to bring a vendor with them to the destination.

Makes Your Life easier: The number one reason to hire a great International Wedding Planner is that they not only take a majority of the stress off your shoulders they are also the ones putting in the time to plan the wedding. Allowing you to spend time focused on your everyday activities. By taking the stress off your shoulders you are able to enjoy the planning process, not stressing over if the venue is going to respond, or did you hire the right florist. Your wedding planner will have these items all under control.

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