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You're engaged so now what do you do? Where do you start to put all the pieces together to create a truly memorable day? Do you need a Wedding Planner or a Wedding Coordinator?

Wedding Planners specialize in taking as much or as little off your plate as you want. From the start of your engagement through until the last dance is over and family and friends bid you adieu with a colorful sendoff, planners are there to help you find just the right venue, wedding cake or band. Looking for that special thank you gift for your friends and family? A wedding planner can help you find the gift and then decide how to make it fit into your budget.

Contact Hoopes Events today and let us show you how to create the wedding of your dreams: fun, memorable and worry-free.

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What is a Wedding Coordinator? How can they help you create pleasant, life-long memories of your wedding day?

For someone who wants to plan their wedding, but doesn't want to spend their wedding running around making certain details aren't missed and all the guests are happy, a Wedding Coordinator is the perfect solution. The Wedding Coordinator takes all your ideas and organizes them into a timeline. On your wedding day, it's the Coordinator, not you, who makes certain the DJ arrives on time and the wedding cake is straight instead of crooked (it happens). You just enjoy the day because you know a professional is watching out for you.

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Think of the last great party you attended. What do you remember? What made it great? Hoopes Events specializes in creating outstanding decor for any wedding, corporate holiday party or other special event. Hoopes Events' Decor has been featured in countless publications. Let us amaze your guests at your next event with the right lighting, decor and details.